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  1. Brass Sheet

    Brass sheet and brass plate are used for numerous applications. Created by alloying copper and zinc, brass exhibits high corrosion resistance, good durability, and high electrical conductivity, along with a shiny, decorative appearance. Brass sheet and brass plate are generally very easy to cut, machine, and fabricate.
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  2. Brass Tube

    Basically, brass tubing is created through a combination of copper and zinc alloy,
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  3. Brass Wire

    Brass wire, an alloy of copper and zinc.
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  4. Brass Flat Bars

    An alloy of copper and zinc, brass provides good durability, high corrosion resistance
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  5. Brass Round Bar

    Brass Rod is also known as free machining brass or leaded brass and is mainly used for high speed machining like fasteners, gears, architectural extrusions, automotive engineering parts, etc. as it is corrosion resistance and has excellent machine ability.
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  6. Brass Square Bar

    Brass Square Bar have a wide variety of applications. The bars are used to make terrazzo strips for the architectural sector. They are also used for making hot combs, bolts, nuts and screws. They are also used to manufacture plumbing goods like faucets, faucet stems, seats, and plumbing fittings. Fluid connectors, pneumatic fittings and parts of thermostat are also made using these bars. These bars also form parts of pinions and gears
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  7. Brass Hex Bars

    BRASS HEX BAR is commonly used for gears, lock components and pinions
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  8. Brass Plate

    The tested sheets fulfill all parameters of quality as specified by international standards of quality and design.
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